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Welcome to Snake Creek Angus

     At Snake Creek Angus our main goal is to breed for efficiency. Why? Feed and land prices are outrageous these days like no ordinary beef producer can afford! We can’t afford to breed for bigger animals that need more feed, but if we keep selecting for higher growth rates - that’s likely to happen. We beam if we can produce a cow that can survive our rough river hills, eat less, and wean off a calf that is 45 to 50 percent of her body weight. Producers will say that pounds matter and yes - they do matter but how many pounds of feed will it take to make that big inefficient animal grow?                                                   


     We introduced Wye genetics into our herd which are noted for their moderate frame size and ability to grow and finish well on grass. Balanced with excellent maternal traits and kind dispositions, our calves gain weight easily and our cattle maintain excellent body conditions through the winter, with the least or minimum amount of grain. We believe in humanly raising our cattle. The cattle groups are rotated between paddocks to manage grasslands properly. We found that the grass is good for cows and cows are good for grasslands. We’re proud to be part of the movement towards sustainable agriculture in South Dakota and take part in programs that help maintain the quality of water in the Missouri River watershed.

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